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VITAL PEDICURE: Lay back in our pedicure loungers and relax. Enjoy the beautiful view of the Grand River while we soak your feet, exfoliate from the tip of your toes to your knees, scrub away callouses, clean and shape the nails, and trim the cuticles. Polish included.

NOURISH PEDICURE: This pedicure is handcrafted by us and is constantly changing. Every season we curate a new indulgence. Includes a seasonal soak, exfoliant, masque, and massage cream. $10 of each pedicure will be donated to the CCC-South Coast. 

IMMERSE PEDICURE: We have taken our nour•ish pedicure and leveled up by adding our extended massage (15 min) and our hyaluronic acid eye and lip treatment.

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